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The 10 Hottest Cocktail Bars in Dallas Right Now | Top 10

Patio season is officially here, and as the dining situation starts to look more and more normal in DFW, it’s time for a fresh update of the Eater Dallas Cocktail Heatmap.

After the beating that our city’s drinking dens took last year, this updated guide to the city’s hottest cocktail bars is comprised of a mixture of hot newcomers and reopened old friends with seriously exciting boozy options. There’s also plenty of spacious patios for folks who aren’t quite ready to imbibe indoors just yet.

These 10 buzzy cocktail bars offer the perfect answer to the question, “Where should I drink tonight?” Whether in search of a complex sip mixed by one of Dallas’s finest bartenders or something impossibly drinkable, this guide to the city’s hottest cocktail spots will certainly satisfy.

1. BarNone

Drinkers will have to look carefully to find it, but the right table at BarNone’s front porch offers a view right down into White Rock Lake. Fortunately, picking a drink from the menu here is much easier. For lovers of something sweet, try The Front Porch. Made with strawberry compote, it’s the perfect drink for the impending heat. If the patio feels too crowded, BarNone has takeout cocktails on offer, too.

2. Spider Murphy’s Pub

This new Henderson Avenue pub from the minds behind longtime bar Old Monk serves affordable, well-mixed cocktails all day long. Priced at $7, drinks like the Tiki Bird, mixed with dark rum, allspice, pineapple, and lime are on offer, along with habanero margaritas and refreshing ranch waters.

3. Apothecary

This creative new Greenville Avenue drinking den serves up complex cocktails that run the gamut from the London Fog (milk-washed gin, Earl Grey tea, gentian liqueur) to the Octopus’s Garden, a mix of tequila, nitro-muddled herbs, peated scotch, and squid ink that’s garnished with charred octopus.

4. Toller Patio

Skip the Katy Trail and day drink at this all-outdoor watering hole. Park it under a palm tree to stay in the shade and order up classic cocktails and frozen drinks that will beat the heat all summer long. Don’t miss out on the boozy ice pops either, there’s a full shot of liquor in each one.

5. Royal 38

Go where the drinks menu is as long as the food menu, and just as creative. Consider the Fistful of Daisys, a seriously strong cocktail mixed with gin, absinthe, brandy, and sherry, that masquerades as a light libation.

6. Thunderbird Station

It doesn’t get more Dallas than this laid-back bar from DoubleWide owner Kim Finch. Get out of the present and back into a time when muscle cars ruled, and wash that feeling down with a cocktail menu that is pure nostalgia. From the Push Pop-inspired Peel Out to the grape soda in the Fuzzy Dice, all the drinks here are built on nostalgia.

7. Harper’s

This Deep Ellum newcomer boasts a chic space and creative menu of cocktails like the Trip-N-Grass, mixed with gin, cucumber, fresh lime, and CBD tincture. There’s also more classic drinks like the daiquiri, and an excellent espresso martini.

8. Dot’s Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard

Grab a seat on Dot’s big, open-air courtyard and order up a cocktail three ways: freshly mixed, frozen, or on draft. The cocktail menu keeps it simple and classic, but the Strawberry Smokeshow is there to appease those who prefer a more complicated cocktail profile.

9. Catbird

This luxe Downtown restaurant’s cocktail menu focuses on creative takes on classic cocktails like the Paloma. Here, the classic combo of grapefruit and tequila gets a Kentucky twist with a shot of Evan Williams, lemon, and honey. There’s also a refreshing passionfruit Collins and Aperol-infused margarita on offer.

11. Kessaku

Looking for a new place to splurge on fancy drinks? Kessaku’s the spot. This 50th floor sushi bar boasts stunning views of Downtown Dallas, plus spendy libations like the Purple Reign, a mix of whiskey, olorosso sherry, cassis, and jasmine-honey syrup.

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