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How To Make Your Master Bedroom Feel Like Retreat | 11 Ways

If you’re like most of us, whether you have children, the master bedroom is the last bedroom in the house to get decorated. Why is this? I think we all associate the master bedroom as a private place for the couple. Obviously. So it’s easy to skip this area. Decorating and maintaining a home, small or large is a task. It takes work, and it takes money. We are all busy and we can only handle so much. So when something can get by without being done we, understandably, put it to the side. I understand this and I have done it before too. However, I truly feel like the master bedroom should not be forgotten.

Why? Whether you are in a relationship or not life is hard. You have work, hobbies, family, friends, etc. So many things to do as well as maintain a healthy headspace. One way to add calm to your life is in your master bedroom. This may sound silly but it’s true. When your master bedroom is a place where you want to go to at the end of your day it makes a difference. If it feels peaceful, important, cozy, and beautiful you want to be in there. It’s important to close a door and escape from the duties of the house and relax. Doesn’t that sound amazing?! I know! So let me help you transform your master bedroom into a retreat.

TIP 1-

Pillows- 1 word…comfortIf you do nothing else in your master bedroom, invest in comfortable pillows. Not only do big fluffy pillows look good on your bed, they feel even better on your head! One of the biggest draws for me to my bed is how comfortable my pillows are. I know I can be comfortable whether I am sitting there reading a book or resting my head as I fall asleep. Even if all you invest in is new pillows, not even fancy ones, it will amaze you at the difference it makes and how much more excited you are to get into bed!

Don’t forget accent pillows! Do you have to have 7? Of course NOT! You could have a couple of large pillows, 3 of varying colors and textures or you could also have 5,6,7! My only suggestion here is if you are in a relationship make sure the colors in the pillows are something you both want to look at. Both of you have to want to come into your room. I’m not implying that you need to go shop for pillows together but I’m sure you could look at a pillow and decide quickly whether your partner would like it or not. It’s the little things, am I right?

TIP 2-

Bedding- I put pillows and bedding at the top of the list because unlike any other room in your home your master bedroom should be all about comfort. I want you to WANT to go there. Even if it’s the middle of the day and the sun is coming in through the window and you decide you need a quick nap, don’t nap on the couch, retreat to your room am here to tell you this does not have to be expensive but if you were to spend money on one thing it would be sheets. The difference between a cheap pair of sheets and a more expensive pair of sheets is life-changing, I promise you! When we switched over, we could not believe how comfortable it was to go to sleep! Trust me okay!

That doesn’t mean that an amazing comforter, duvet, and blankets don’t matter! We change up our comforters throughout the year. We like a quilt with a couple of blankets during the colder months and a nice fluffy down comforter during the warmer months. Even though a down comforter sounds heavy it isn’t. They are lite and airy while being cozy at the same time. You could also have the down comforter on all year and add a quilt on top during the winter months! You won’t regret that choice I promise. Actually, maybe we do that this winter instead…hmmm.

I consider an irresistible blanket a must on a master bed. You should walk into your master bedroom look at that blanket and smile! Your thought should be, aahhh I’m home, and I love it! The best part is you pretty much can’t go wrong in choosing this. If it’s soft and comfortable you win! If you want a guideline, I would recommend staying in the lines of your accent pillows. You want to make sure the pattern and color aren’t too loud that they don’t give off a cozy vibe. We are creating a retreat! If you love the pink zebra-striped patterns, awesome! But maybe use it as your cell phone cover instead of your bedroom blanket!

TIP 3-

Lighting- This may not seem like it should be tip number 3 but its important. Not only do you want to be able to look at your lamps and love them but the mood that they set when you turn you’re over headlight off and turn on your lamps is heaven! Plus, I love that as your drifting off to sleep all you have to do is reach your arm out and switch your lamp off, no getting up out of your bed! Perfect. Choose two lamps that fit your style and I promise you will love the feeling they give your room. The investment is well worth it.

TIP 4-

Headboard- I have had many types of backboards. A sleigh bed frame, just a headboard that attached to the frame of my bed. And currently, we have an enormous picture of the ocean above our bed with no backboard at all! I can tell you that some type of headboard is key to anchor down your room and making it feel you care about the space. A lonely bed without one just isn’t inviting. You could choose a wood one, a fabric one, a frame with 4-bed posts that has fabric hanging from them. Go big or go simple. Whichever way you go will be better than nothing. You can choose to make a statement or have an understated elegance about it. My current photo behind our bed is very large, and I found it for $40… it catches people’s eye and we honestly get compliments on it all the time. However, eventually, we are going to want to go back to an actual headboard and they come in all different styles and price ranges. Look at some photos and decide which type works for you right now and go with that! (Check out the shop section of my website here for some great backboard options! Have Fun!)

TIP 5-

Nightstands- This may seem like a simple decision to you because it’s practically a necessity. Not only do you obviously need a place to put your lamp, your drink, your books, etc but it’s also a great place to have some storage. (Your nightstand doesn’t have to have storage, however). What I like about a nightstand is it can be about more than function. It can be a great chance for you to show your style. Furniture pieces are great grounding elements in setting the style for your space. Have fun choosing your nightstands!

TIP 6-

Wall Decor- The decor that you put on the walls in your room can help to provide a feeling of warmth in your space. There are a lot of great choices for wall art in your room. Items like pictures, art, and mirrors are great choices that you can’t go wrong with. I would recommend not going overboard with the wall art. You still want an overall feeling of calm.

TIP 7-

Flowers- Recently I decided I wanted to have fresh flowers in our master bedroom. I have always had artificial ones here and there which I love, but I wanted to try fresh flowers. We have a large window in our bedroom and it delivers an abundance of natural light so I thought now would be a great time to try it. I bought a new glass vase that I love and I purchased calla lilies from my local market and let me tell you; the smell was enchanting! Yes enchanting! My husband came home from work and he could smell them before he even walked into our room. It was so nice to fall asleep to the aroma of the flowers. I have re-filled this vase as necessary and it really feels like I am doing something special for my husband and me. So when you can, I would encourage and highly recommend fresh flowers in your bedroom.

TIP 8-

Candles- There are so many reasons to have candles in your room. Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way, the ambiance of course! But besides that who doesn’t love the feeling a candle gives? Not only can it provide a beautiful smell in your room but the mode that the lighting gives is so relaxing. I believe this feeling can be accomplished with artificial candles as well. If you don’t like the smoke or buying candles regularly there are so many options for artificial candles that provide the same feeling as the real thing! You can place them on your nightstand, on a shelf on the wall, or on top of your dresser. You could even dress it up to buy purchasing decorative candlestick holders. This is a great way to add style to your room.

TIP 9-

Photo (s)- I love how photos make a room feel personal. I wouldn’t hang 14 photos on the walls around your room but I think one or two around your space is a nice touch. I enjoy having a photo on my nightstand or on top of my dresser. And the ability to change the photos whenever you want helps keep things fresh.

Now photos can also mean artwork. Any picture of the outdoors works great in a bedroom. Of course, I would recommend something more calming, like perhaps a sunrise or sunset type of lighting in a photo but it certainly doesn’t have to be. If it’s nature, it will work. Something about bringing the outdoors in has a personal effect on us so I encourage it when you can!

TIP 10-

Drapes- just sitting here thinking about soft fabric draping and hanging over anything makes me want to curl up and fall asleep, and putting this type of effect over your windows helps calm and control the environment in your room. You don’t have to have big heavy drapes hanging over your window. You can achieve the effect I’m talking about with simple sheer drapery. I would stick with neutral colors when you are choosing your drapes. If you want to make a statement, I would keep it to your artwork because having too much going on in your drapes can feel overwhelming. We want to draw more attention to the bed to achieve that relaxing atmosphere. Drapes are like your sheets, understated but vital!

TIP 11-

Storage- This may sound unexpected. “Storage”? you say. Yes. And let me tell you why. The last thing you want in your master bedroom is clutter. You don’t want to be reminded of the laundry you haven’t put away, the bills you haven’t paid, the toys your children left around, nothing. You want to feel you step into a hotel room. Hey, there are days when all of that stuff is in your room and you can’t get to it and that’s ok, I just want you to have enough storage space to quickly and easily pack it all away, even if its just for the night. Ah, I feel better already just thinking about how you are going to feel every time you put all the excess into the trunk at the end of your bed or the basket in your closet, or the bottom drawer of your dresser you have reserved for just this occasion. You may think this is a step you can miss but I would say, it shouldn’t be. Do this step for yourself, you deserve to close your mind off. No one can do this in clutter. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


Remember that you don’t have to do these tips in a day or even on a weekend. Pick a few that you can accomplish soon and then keep this list handy and work on adding these things to your room as you go. You can even start by looking around your current room and getting rid of anything that you know you don’t like and organizing what you already own. A clean, organized space instantly feels more relaxing. No matter what timeline you remember you deserve a place to retreat to and that it is important to make a space that is yours. So don’t put it off, you won’t regret it!

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