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Home Decor Tips to Boost Happiness | Hornburg Real estate Group

Home Decor Tips to Boost Happiness

Your home should be your ultimate sanctuary: a place to unwind, feel safe and comfortable and, most of all, be happy! How can the interior design of your home impact your mood and happiness levels? According to research, the answer is – very much so! 

It’s important that the items in your home bring you joy (thank you for reminding us, Marie Kondo!) and that your home is clutter-free, comfortable and inviting. Most importantly to remember, what makes each individual happy in their home is totally up to personal preference and that’s fine. Just make your home somewhere that YOU love and trust us – your serotonin levels will be through the roof! 

We’ve pulled together our favourite tips and tricks to make your home a haven of peace and wellbeing so that you’ll be waking up happy each and every day!


You don’t need to go overboard with this one. Even with a neutral scheme, small pops of colour can have a huge impact in helping lift your mood.

Colour psychology is a powerful interior design tool that impacts the mood of the room more so than any other factor.

Different shades evoke certain emotions so, when choosing your colours, it’s important to consider the kind of atmosphere you wish to create and which colours will help to achieve this.

High-energy shades, such as yellow and green, are scientifically proven to make you feel happier and more productive.


This simple act may only take two minutes out of your day, but it’s proven to be a hugely effective way to start your day off on the right foot.

By making such a small but productive gesture, you’re setting yourself up for success for the rest of the day.

Plus, when you come home later, you’ll be boosted to see a lovely tidy bed, ready for you to jump in between the sheets later that evening.


Bringing nature inside is a highly effective way to keep your happiness levels high. Plants help produce more oxygen, which helps your body operate at optimum levels, plus it’s proven that having the responsibility of nurturing a little plant can result in feelings of accountability and joy.

In addition, incorporating pops of natural greenery relates to our first point, and can you give you that little boost when you walk into the room. Even just a couple of succulents for your windowsill or a fern for your shower can make a big difference.


Who doesn’t want to chill out after a tiring day at work? By finding an exclusive corner in your home that is set aside solely for getting away from the busy world, you’ll naturally find yourself drawn to this place when you need a happiness boost.

Whether you enjoy reading, watching films, doing yoga, or listening to music, this would be your ideal space for engrossing yourself in your favourite activities.

Create an inviting and calm vibe by using fluffy cushions, warm colours and soft lighting.


To be truly happy, you need to be able to relax and unwind after a long day. Your bathroom is the ultimate place to create a beautiful, tranquil retreat within your home so go ahead – grab your book, light a candle and run that bubble bath!

Keep your bathroom tidy and organised, create decorative displays to showcase your prettiest beauty products, and fold some fresh, fluffy towels for the ultimate indulgence and relaxation.


The smell is one of the most powerful tools in eliciting positive affirmations – closely linked to memory, it can be used to replicate memories of where you’ve felt happiness, such as the pine scent of a forest or the salty smell of the ocean from beach holidays. Candles are effective but incense sticks, reed diffusers and essential oils are also great ways to add fragrance and reduce your stress levels.


Have you ever considered why it is that you feel so relaxed after a hotel stay? Sure, the comfortable bed and the fluffy towels play a large part, but it’s also the fact that you’re surrounded by minimal clutter and there is lots of space and storage to put away your things – everything has a place. 

The idea of 21st century minimalism has been revived with the success of Netflix’s Marie Kondo show, based solely around decluttering the home. Ottoman beds, wardrobes and shelves are good storage places, but also consider how exposed baskets and boxes might make your home more visually interesting – all whilst keeping your home clutter-free for a more rested and happy mind.

What are your other happy home tips? Do you like to keep to a cleaning schedule, or perhaps have a certain time each week that you play your music really loud? Let us know!

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