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Get Rid of Pet Odor | 5 Things

“Does my house smell like a dog?”

Admit it, if you have pets, you’ve asked yourself this question. You know the crazy things that dogs get into – upset tummies from eating something they shouldn’t have, splashing in the mud, and rolling in who knows what outside. Why do they always find the stinkiest thing to roll in, by the way?

With pets, there will be bad smells, accidents, and messes in your house. The good news is that you can get rid of pet odors and have a clean home by focusing on a few places where smells always lurk. And the great news is that you can do all of this naturally, without harsh chemicals.

5 Things to Clean to Get Rid of Pet Odor 

Keeping your house generally clean is key to keeping pet odors at bay, but you need to make sure you are also giving these stinky spots some extra attention.

Carpets & Rugs

We have both carpet and hardwood in our house, and it seems like an unwritten rule that my pets will get sick on the carpet. Always. Carpets and rugs are magnets for stains, dirt, and they absorb all the smells that your pet is tracking in. Make sure that you are spot treating any stains immediately and giving the carpet an all over shampooing regularly.

Furniture & Upholstery

If your pets love to lay on the furniture like mine, you can be sure they are leaving their smell behind.   Be sure to clean any spots or stains on your furniture with a Stain & Odor Remover as soon as they happen. Also be sure to give upholstered furniture a regular freshening with an Odor Eliminator.

Or do what we did: buy furniture with slipcovers that you can just toss it in the wash. Yes, I have white couches and a black dog and it works!

Pet Beds
Pets love to have their own cozy, comfy bed to curl up in… and they end up becoming stinky fast. I always recommend buying pet beds with removable, washable covers for easy clean up. You can also freshen up your pet beds regularly with Odor Eliminator.

Collars & Leashes
Your dog’s collar becomes a magnet for smells and dirt, and it’s probably something you don’t realize because they are wearing it all the time. Be sure to toss those collars and leashes into the wash regularly, or consider a nylon collar that you can wipe clean with Stain & Odor Remover.  Be sure to give the area where you store your pets’ accessories a good refresh with Odor Eliminator too.

The Toy Box
My dogs love to play with their favorite toys until they are not much more than scraps, so their toy box can get pretty stinky. Make sure to clean it out regularly – toss anything with broken or jagged edges, wash any soft toys in the washing machine, and give the whole box a good cleaning with Stain & Odor Remover. You can also toss sturdy plastic toys like Kongs in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Bonus Cleaning Tip for Cat Parents

I don’t want to place all the blame for pet odors on my dogs. Our cat can be the culprit too – but since he often steals the dogs’ bed, then all the tips above apply to him as well. But there is one extra spot that needs lots of attention if you have cats too – the litter box. Be sure you are not only scooping it daily, but that you are also emptying and washing the box completely on a regular basis. And use Skout’s Honor Litter Box Deodorizer in and around the litter box between cleanings – it has made a world of difference in our house!

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