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Kitchen countertops might be one of my favorite spaces to decorate because it can be very challenging to bring function and decor together.  I enjoy finding solutions to my clients decorating and organization problems so I wanted to share these 10 ways to decorate your kitchen countertops with you!

To start, (I bet you know what I am going to say) DECLUTTER!  Countertops are probably the space in our homes that get the most cluttered.  We get lazy and don’t put things away and then we get mad at the mess… but it was our laziness that created the mess ha!  So if you can, try to get rid of anything you do not need on the countertops. 

Once you have your clean slate you are ready to DECORATE!  For the sake of making things simple, I have broken down my advice into 10 different “areas.”


By sink area I mean your soap, lotion and that space around the sink.  We all have hand soap by our sink and displaying it in a cute way can make all the difference.  I suggest using a rectangular tray to keep your soap and lotion in or placing a small vase or plant next to your soap to finish off the space.


I love me some cute canisters and think they are the perfect way to hide items you use everyday.  I hide my tea bags in one which allows me to keep my tea on the counter.  There are SO many canisters out there and for those of you that love baking and use your baking supplies on a regular basis, update your canisters to display your dry ingredients.


I am not a huge cook but I love to use cook books as decor (ha that sounds so bad!).  Especially when they were written by Joanna Gaines Find some bookends or a recipe box to display with your cookbooks. My cookbook space is also my oil diffuser space.


Another decorating idea could be to display some of your utensils in a utensil canister.  This would allow for functionality, organization and decor.  There are some really fun utensil canisters out there:


Now this tip is one of my favorites because it is so functional.  I use olive oil, salt and pepper almost every day so I choose to keep those items out but organize them using a tray.  Sometimes I add a small vase and floral to bring the tray up a notch. 


I’m not sure about you but we put our Alexa in our kitchen.  So of course I had to make it pretty.  I use a tray, a vase with florals and a small candle to pull the space together.  


Cutting boards have become huge in decorating kitchens over the past few years!  Resting a few boards against your backspace can be a really cool backdrop for other decor or beautiful on their own.  I am really loving the cutting boards that are part marble and part wood! So pretty!


I love succulents and my succulents LOVE my kitchen window!  So find some cute pots, plant those succulents and put them right by your window.


I know most people on this planet are coffee drinkers so use a space on your kitchen counters to create a coffee station.  Find a tiered tray and display your coffee essentials along with your mugs in a beautifully, cozy and organized way.



Last but not least is kind of my catch all.  If a client has something sentimental like a vase or cookbook stand I always find a spot for that somewhere in the kitchen.  One of my go to decorating tips is to find a vase and fresh flowers and set them right in the middle of your island or peninsula!   Sometimes all any space needs is some bright beautiful florals 

  • I like to add taller decor in the corners because that space always seems so big and dark.
  • Put smaller appliances you use regularly away in cupboards that allow for easy access.
  • Just because your appliance has a handle doesn’t mean you need to put a dish towel on it!!

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