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Buy With Cash | Hornburg Real Estate Group

Buy With Cash

Buy with cash | Hornburg Real Estate Group

Make a winning, cash offer today!

Real estate transactions can be really stressful. You’re either competing with other buyers or worried about settling for the seller’s terms and timeline. The thought of losing a home you love or being out-negotiated often leads to overpaying and bad decision. But now there’s an alternative.

We designed Buy with cash to strengthen your offer so that you can win the home you want on your terms.

What are the benefits?

Buy with cash | Hornburg Real Estate Group

Shop with confidence

Be ready to make a cash offer as soon as the home you want comes on the market.

Buy With cash | Hornburg Real Estate Group

Get the best terms

Strengthen your offer and increase your bargaining power by guaranteeing a fast, on-time close.

Buy with Cash | Hornburg Real estate Group

Win in a tough market

Stand out in a multiple offer situation with a cash offer that removes every major contingency.

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Buy with cash for no cost

Convenience fee

Often rolled into mortgage

Our standard convenience fee is 1.9%. But when you use our preferred lender, all of that is credited back to you at closing, reducing your cost to buy with cash to 0%.


Deferred until closing

We prorate your rent by day, so you only pay for the time you need.

How does it work?

  1. Get approved – We’ll approve you for a specific amount so you can start shopping and be ready to make an offer as soon as the home you want comes on the market.
  2. Make a cash offer – We’ll help you make a cash offer on your new home. Cash offers are three times more likely to beat financed offers and receive 2%-5% discounts in non-competitive situations.
  3. Win the home – After the seller accepts your offer, your Hornburg Real Estate Group agent will finalize the purchase. You’ll have a few tasks to complete, too, including paying earnest money deposit, scheduling an inspection, and signing mortgage disclosure statements.
  4. Move into your new home – We’ll close on your home as soon as the title is ready. You can move the very next day and rent from us until you buy it back.
  5. Buy back you new home – Once your mortgage is finalized, you’ll close on your new home by buying it back.

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