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Best Parks in Arlington, TX | Top 10

Best Parks in Arlington, TX

1. Bowman Springs Park

Great park with a good amount of shade. Trails, playground, fishing, boat ramp, bathrooms, lots of parking, ducks to feed, picnic tables, and a gazebo. – Ali G.

2. River Legacy Parks

It is time for an update!! I would say this is on my list as one of the most beautiful ‘nature spots’ in DFW. If you are looking to get away and explore and feel like you’re not quite in North Texas anymore I would say to venture here. It is good to get some fresh air anyways these days. As far as wildlife, I’ve been out there and haven’t had any encounters. But since it is very wooded I would just say be sure to venture out during a more traffic time of day and you will be fine. There are various parts of the trail but I prefer more of the dirt path. But on a nice Texas day be sure to bike, hike, or run this lovely area! It remains well maintained and there is lots of parking. I need to get out there and explore more. – Chelsea R.

3. Playgrand Adventures

Such an amazing park for literally all ages! We brought our 4-year-old son to this park for the first time and he had a blast. There are play areas based on age. It’s a large playground area that has ropes to climb, slides, obstacle course-looking structures- super fun. I wish there was a bit more shade because today was a very hot day, but we’ll be sure to visit earlier next time. – Olivia B.

4. Centennial Park

Centennial Park is great for several reasons.

The scene is perfect, especially in the nice warm weather. I was taking a stroll around the lake area with my hubs and noticed the ducks in the water, people having a little family lunch where the tables where on the other side of the lake. The sun was glistening on the water which made the the tranquil vibe more relaxing. The vibe was even perfect for the couple I saw having the photographer take their wedding photos.

I’ll definitely visit again when in the area. If you like jogging or walking with your friends, or a peaceful setting this is nice. – Mya H.

5. Randol Mill Park

Nice park with a lot of stuff to do. It’s always pretty packed. The water park is fun, gets really crowded though. If you go on the weekends, it’s best to go 30 mins or earlier before they open or you won’t get a chair. You can bring a cooler with food and drinks just no glass or alcohol. They do sell snacks and drinks as well. If you get their after they open, it’s best to bring your own chairs and even a tent cover if you have one. – Chris W.

6. Vandergriff Park

This park is a city park, and is actually well diversified! It has amenities for families with small toddler children as well as elementary aged children with the play ground area. There is a skate park area for people who are interested in skating. Multiple tennis courts, softball/ baseball fields and large stretches of open grass and fields for dogs to play fetch or humans to play soccer!! There are picnic tables to have a picnic accompanied with grills and your traditional park benches. This park offers large walking trail and offer receptacles for trash and recyclable material.

In the evening it’s a great place for people to skate, families to play outside and people to walk their furry friends! Also the usual Pokemon hunter can be seen at any of the 8 Pokestops or 3 Gyms located within the park! Happy hunting and enjoy the outdoor life Arlington friends! – Sirena V. 

7. California Lane Park

A really cute little park! Compact but well planned. Circle drive, not a lot of parking. But I love that it has bathrooms and trash cans and lots of seating and covered areas. Has amenities for all ages between the play areas, sports areas, and walking trails. – Katherine V.

8. Woodland West Park

It has playgrounds for both preschoolers (age 2-5) and older children. It has a small rock/rope climbing wall, regular and baby swings, a couple of spinning apparatuses, plenty of benches, picnic tables, and it’s all covered. The large trees also provide nice shade from the sun. There is a drinking fountain (not for the dogs though). This park also has tennis courts, a swimming pool, basketball courts, and Dottie Lynne rec center. Plenty of parking and doesn’t get too crowded unless you happen to get there while the after-school/summer camp program from the rec center is playing. – Jake H.

9. Veterans Park

A great spot for a picnic, jog, nature walk, or to layout and suntan.

They have a cute pond with turtles and a fountain in the middle. The nature trail walk area has all kinds of fun birds, lizards, bugs, etc.. i’ve seen a lizard every time i’ve gone you just gotta keep your eyes peeled.

Would recommend. – Emily D.

10. Crystal Canyon Natural Area

Ashleigh G. – Very nice spot to walk and get away and feel safe…I shouldn’t have watched the Revenant the Day before I was on edge the entire time but I’m sure there weren’t any Grizzlies waiting in the brush…lol…every couple I saw was on there phones…what’s the point of going if you’re going to be on the phone the entire time..I had my phone out to take a few pics not texting and having a conversation but I digress…it’s a lovely spot to visit and get a little exercise in!! – Ashleigh G

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