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Monthly Archives: May 2022

    Your House Could Be Closer to List-Ready Than You Think I Hornburg Real Estate Group

    By Angela Hornburg | May 5, 2022

    One of the biggest concerns for a homeowner looking to sell is the time they’ll have to put in before listing their house. If that’s the case for you, you should know – your home might be closer to list-ready than you think in today’s housing market. A survey of recent sellers from finds that many were able to... Read More

    Things That Could Help You Win a Bidding War on a Home | Hornburg Real Estate Group

    By Angela Hornburg | May 4, 2022

    With a limited number of homes for sale today and so many buyers looking to make a purchase before mortgage rates rise further, bidding wars are common. According to the latest report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), nationwide, homes are getting an average of 4.8 offers per sale. Here’s a look at how that breaks down state-by-state (see map below): The same report... Read More

    Today’s Home Price Appreciation Is Great News for Existing Homeowners Hornburg Real Estate Group

    By Angela Hornburg | May 3, 2022

    If you’re planning to sell your home this season, rising prices are great news for you. But it’s important to understand why prices are rising to begin with. One major factor is supply and demand. In any industry, when there are more buyers for an item than there are of that item available, prices naturally rise. In those situations, buyers are willing to... Read More