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Monthly Archives: October 2021

    For Sale | 1015 Christine Street Keene, TX

    By Angela Hornburg | October 28, 2021

    NEW ON-SITE TODAY! Click this link to see the property! Offered for $250,000 Beautiful home tucked away off county roads in Cleburne with Joshua ISD schools. Spacious, open floor plan with a large kitchen open to the living room and eat-in space. Split bedroom floorplan is perfect for everyone to have their own space. Beautifully finished... Read More

    Does Your House Have What Buyers Want? | Hornburg Real Estate Group

    By Angela Hornburg | October 28, 2021

    The rise in remote work is changing what many Americans want in their homes. Many companies are choosing to delay reopening or go remote full-time, and today’s buyers are looking for homes with more space to support their work needs. As a seller, if you no longer need the extra room you have in your home, rest assured... Read More

    Housing Challenge or Housing Opportunity? It Depends. | Hornburg Real Estate Group

    By Angela Hornburg | October 27, 2021

    The biggest challenge in real estate today is the lack of available homes for sale. The low housing supply has caused homes throughout the country to appreciate at a much faster rate than what we’ve experienced historically. There are many reasons for the limited number of homes on the market, but as you can see... Read More

    There Are More Homes Available Now than There Were This Spring | Hornburg Real Estate Group

    By Angela Hornburg | October 26, 2021

    There’s a lot of talks lately about how challenging it can be to find a home to buy. While housing inventory is still low, there are a few important things to understand about the supply of homes for sale as we move into the end of the year. The Number of Homes for Sale Usually Peaks in... Read More

    Knowledge Is Power When It Comes to Appraisals and Inspections | Hornburg Real Estate Group

    By Angela Hornburg | October 25, 2021

    Buyers in today’s market often have questions about the importance of getting a home appraisal and an inspection. That’s because high buyer demand and low housing supply are driving intense competition and leading some buyers to consider waiving those contingencies to stand out in the crowded market. But is that the best move? Buying a home is... Read More

    Your Home Equity Is Growing | Hornburg Real Estate Group

    By Angela Hornburg | October 22, 2021

    Some Highlights If you’re a homeowner, today’s rising equity is great news. On average, homeowners have gained $51,500 in equity since this time last year. Whether it’s funding an education, fueling your next move, or starting a business, your home equity is a great tool you can use to power your dreams. Ready to sell? Let’s connect to talk about how you... Read More

    Important Distinction: Homes Are Less Affordable, Not Unaffordable | Hornburg Real Estate Group

    By Angela Hornburg | October 21, 2021

    It’s impossible to research the subject of buying a home without coming across a headline declaring that the fall in home affordability is a crisis. However, when we add context to the most recent affordability statistics, we soon realize that, though homes are less affordable than they have been over the last few years, they are more affordable than... Read More

    Best Parks in Arlington, TX | Top 10

    By Angela Hornburg | October 20, 2021

    Best Parks in Arlington, TX 1. Bowman Springs Park Great park with a good amount of shade. Trails, playground, fishing, boat ramp, bathrooms, lots of parking, ducks to feed, picnic tables, and a gazebo. – Ali G. 2. River Legacy Parks It is time for an update!! I would say this is on my list as one... Read More

    Looking To Move? It Could Be Time To Build Your Dream Home | Hornburg Real Estate Group

    By Angela Hornburg | October 20, 2021

    While today’s supply of homes for sale is still low, the number of newly built homes is increasing. If you’re ready to sell but have held off because you weren’t sure you’d be able to find a home to move into, newly built homes and those under construction can provide the options you’ve been waiting for. The latest Census data shows the... Read More

    What Does the Future Hold for Home Prices? | Hornburg Real Estate Group

    By Angela Hornburg | October 19, 2021

    If you’re looking to buy or sell a house, chances are you’ve heard talk about today’s rising home prices. And while this increase in home values is great news for sellers, you may be wondering what the future holds. Will prices continue to rise with time, or should you expect them to fall? To answer that... Read More