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Monthly Archives: June 2018

    Buying the Nicest Home in the Neighborhood

    By Angela Sells DFW | June 10, 2018

    When you buy the nicest house in the area, your house will naturally appreciate at a much slower rate than the simplest home in the neighborhood. The reason being is that any improvement or renovation you make on the simplest home will immediately add value to the home. However, if you buy the nicest home... Read More

    Safety Tips When Selling Your Home

    By Angela Sells DFW | June 3, 2018

      When you are selling your home, a wide variety of strangers will be entering your home. Though the process may be stressful, it is important to still make sure that you take certain measure to protect yourself. Make sure that you remove or lock up all personal or valuable items. Anything of value, such... Read More