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14 Completely Brilliant Garage Organization Ideas | Home Tips

It a common thing for us to dump something that doesn’t fit into the house to the garage and then we realize that there’s not much room left in the garage to park our car. Or maybe you’re looking for something in your garage but can’t find it because it’s so disorganized?

Intentional or not, your garage often becomes a dumping ground.  If this happens to you and your garage needs an overhaul, these DIY organization ideas will give you tricks to help you save some space.

So, get organized with these brilliant garage organization and storage ideas!

1. Shelving System

If you have a lot of stuff and want to keep everything off the floor, then a shelving system is the solution. You will need containers, labels, drawers, and shelving to have this system.

But how if you’re on a budget? You can use cardboard boxes as containers and name them with white label stickers, bracket system for shelving or you can scour Craigslist for shelving units for cheap.

2. Modular Pegboard Storage

Don’t have enough wall space to hang your tools? This multipanel pegboard made of Plywood, slotted angles and metal pins is all you need where you can store your tools on both sides of the panel. You can add a label on both sides of the panel to make it easier to search for some tools.

3. Repurpose Pallet

Have old pallets or plywoods that sitting in your garage? Well, It’s time to use them and turn them into a useful garage organization where you can put things like rakes, brooms, bats, and more!

4. Garage Storage Cabinets

Have a lot of free time and you seriously want to take back control of your garage? These storage cabinets are your perfect solution.  You can put a lot of your stuff from garden equipment, outdoor toys, auto supplies, bulky stuff, household supplies and many more!

If you’re not a handy person, you can find someone to make and install this for you with this plan and even modified it to your needs.

5. Cheap Screw Organizing

Did you know that you can store all of your screws, plugs, and other small kinds of stuff in a plastic soda bottle? Yup, you just need eyebolts and plastic soda bottles. A cheap, easy idea to keep small things organized!

6. Repurposed Crib Paint Shelf

Don’t know what to do with that old crib? You can repurpose it into this shelf. Old crib, woods, wood glue, pocket hole screws, spray paint and wood paint are the materials that you need to make this project. Now you have a place to store all your paints. 

7. DIY Garage Shelves

If you’re looking for practical shelves to put your tools on, this inexpensive and easy DIY is a perfect project. Materials that you need to make these shelves are wood screws, wood glue, studs, brackets, and wood. That’s it! Really easy project to get everything organized! 

8. Garden Tools PVC Organizer

If you’re like me then you probably just put all of your garden tools in a bucket or just shove them onto the wall, and that’s really practical until it’s hard to find tools anymore. Luckily, this easy project will help you keep your gardening tools organized with just simple materials!

9. Toilet Paper Roll Organizer Box

It’s not something shocking anymore that we live in a world full of technology. So of course there must be cords laying around in your house. Maybe you have a lot of cable from old computers? or wifi cable? handphones? Whatever it is, these paper toilet rolls and a shoe box can solve that problem!

10. Ladder Storage

Instead of leaning the ladders against the wall in a corner, try to use wall hooks to hang your ladder. It’s much more secure so you don’t need to worry they will fall back.

11. Wall Panel Organization

Organizing your garage doesn’t have to be boring! You can brighten up your garage by painting a fun color or with bold color and also infused some of your personality. So it will feel like a more fun project than a hard chore that you need to tackle.

12. Hanging Bike Storage

Pipe fittings, reclaimed wood and scrap rubber innertube are materials that you need to make this brilliant bike storage. You can use galvanized pipes or clear coating the pipes to prevent rust.

13. Kid Toys Storage

If you have young children, then there might be a lot of toys in your house so it’s a must to have toys storage. But how do get them to organize their toys after they use them? The answer is this easy storage system. With this system, you can train your kids’ independence in using their toys and learn tidy habits.

14. Leftover Storage Paint

Have a few cans of paint that sitting in your garage? Then it’s time for a major cleanout. Canning jars and round labels are materials that you will need for this project.  Now you don’t need to keep the gallon paint cans anymore.

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