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13 Best Recipes for April Fools’ Day Food Pranks

13 Best Recipes for April Fools’ Day Food Pranks by

Imagine your family’s surprise when you announce that you’ll be serving cake for dinner, or the kids’ surprise when you announce that you’ll be serving raw potatoes for dessert. We should definitely make an exception for April Fools’ Day, even though moms still claim you shouldn’t play with your food. 

Check this gallery to see fun food pranks that range from cupcakes for dinner to hot dogs for dessert—with savory tofu cappuccino to cap off the day of playful fun.

  1. Fake-Out Fried Egg

This sunny-side-up breakfast isn’t fried, and it doesn’t even contain an egg! This easy snack, which comes to us from Jillian Dubien, only needs two ingredients.

Get the Recipe: Fake-Out Fried Egg Recipe

2. Mini Dessert Hamburger Cookies

With vanilla wafers, shredded coconut, and a few drizzles of tinted icing, make some cute one-bite burgers. Sue Sparks has provided us with these Burger Bites.

Get the Recipe: Mini Dessert Hamburger Cookies

3. April Fool’s Chicken Pot Pie

Bite into succulent chicken chunks slathered in cream sauce with peas, corn, and carrots, all encased in a golden crust, and… April Fools! It’s a trifle of pound cake, vanilla pudding, and candy bits, and a butterscotch candy lattice on top.

Get the Recipe: April Fool’s Chicken Pot Pie

4. April Fools’ Day Faux Toast Recipe

What’s our go-to meal of the day? Dessert is a must! It’s even better if it’s shown off as breakfast. And, please, more jam, particularly if it’s fruit-filled gelatin served with pound cake toast slices and whipped topping shaped like butter sticks.

Get the Recipe: April Fools’ Day Faux Toast

5. April Fool’s Meatloaf Cupcakes

What kid wouldn’t love to have cupcakes for dinner?
Get the Recipe: April Fool’s Meatloaf Cupcakes

6. April Fool’s Cappuccino


Make a fun and delicious faux cappuccino that’s elegant enough to serve all year long to tickle your loved one’s funny bone. They’ll be duped, but they won’t be disappointed.

Get the Recipe: April Fool’s Cappuccino

7. Petite Watermelons

These fun mini melons are made with limes and strawberry-flavored gelatin and are the perfect size for kids. Replace the cold water with vodka to make a more spirited drink for the adults.

Get the recipe: Petite Watermelons

8. Rice Krispy Ice Cream Cones

Any kid, or kid at heart, will love these mini fake ice cream cones. Small cones are topped with a scoop of crisp rice cereal and a marshmallow, and sugar is sprinkled on top.

Get the Recipe: Rice Krispy Ice Cream Cones

9. April Fool’s Punch

There’s no need to be upset over a spilled punch because this isn’t going to make a mess.

Get the recipe from Fountain Avenue Kitchen.

10. Cracked Egg Cupcakes


These broken eggs aren’t a disaster, they’re dessert.

Get the recipe from Tried and Tasty

11. Taco Cakes

Don’t be fooled—a there’s sweet side to this taco platter! At the link below, you can watch this cake come together in a magical stop-motion how-to tutorial.

Get the Recipe: Taco Cakes Recipe

12. Savory Squash Pie


While it resembles a traditional pumpkin pie, this one is sugar-free.

Get the recipe from Farm Fresh Feasts.

13. Caramel Banana Hot Dogs

These “hot dogs” have a sweet side! 

Get the Recipe: Caramel Banana Hot Dogs

Hope you have fun this April Fool’s Day, and enjoy these tricky recipes you can cook for you family.

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Source : Written by SHANNON MCCOOK


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